SWTOR Character Configuration Tool

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The Character Configuration Tool is a tool to help configure ISBoxer’s character slot variable keystrokes for use with targeting in Star Wars - The Old Republic.

The tool basically just opens a given ISBoxer profile, allows a Character Set to be selected, and then configures the Variable Keystrokes for each Slot of the Character Set based on the Position in the Game Party Frame.

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Everyone has felt the pain involved in setting up a targeting system. With ISBoxer and its Variable Keystrokes it is fairly easy. However swapping around characters or removing a character or two on the fly is not so easy.

The idea behind setting the Target Slot 1 thru 4 keys is pretty well documented on dual-boxing.com and Isboxer.com. However here is a quick explanation. Since SWTOR does not include support for macros, things like /follow name are not supported. So for things like Follow and Assist you have to get creative. Variable Keystrokes come in handy for this.

You can set up variable keystrokes (vk) for each slot to target, Target Slot 1 – 4. Then set these vk’s for each character. So Slot1 might be in Position 1 in game making his Target Slot 1 vk set to target self, whereas Slot2 will need that vk set to the keybind of TargetPartyMember2 (defaults to F2). Then you can define a Follow Keymap that will use the Target Slot {SLOT} to target that character in a given slot and then call the Follow. You can check out Dual-boxing.com or ISBoxer.com for more details.

So far setting up vk’s for each team member is not too bad, and you pretty much do it once for a certain team and as long as that team doesn’t change everything is good. It is the case of change that is the problem.

I wanted a system where I could easily swap teams, that is easily swap characters in and out of a team.

I had a few goals in mind.

With these goals in mind, I tried at first to looking for a solution that stayed totally in ISBoxer. There was no easy solution for this.

There was a suggested solution that used a massive click bar with images for each Party location, and then based on the one you selected would configure the team. That actually is a brilliant idea. I however didn’t want to have to make 20+ mapped keys to set everything. Also I was not sure how it would handle empty party positions that were filled with characters I was not controlling, nor did I know how it would handle shifting the keys based on where 'You' were in the party list.

I came to the conclusion that what I wanted could not be done in ISBoxer itself. The next thought then was to create a tool that could do this. To create a tool that could act kind of like one of ISBoxer’s wizards. ISBoxer is a wonderful tool, not just from a gamer standpoint but from a developer as well. Pretty much everything is xml based, which makes working with its data very easy.

The tool itself was written in C#, therefore requires Windows and .NET Platform. All of which you already have if your running ISBoxer. It also requires ISBoxer obviously. It was written in a hurry and as such is not very pretty, but hey I have no thoughts of selling it so don’t really care how beautiful it is. The design is also rather primitive. I understand now that it’s working that it would probably have made more sense for the UI to mimic the Party Frames closer. Maybe have it where you have four dropdowns that are filled with the Character Slots names and you select which character is in that position.

Also, as the tool is not part ISBoxer proper, there is an extra step of having to reload the Profile xml file back into ISBoxer after the tool is run.

How to Use.